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Jan 25, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >>> they awarded the presidential election state by state this time. what would happen if they didn't? >>> krystal is on electoral politics and i'm on weather. i think the cold snap finally gotten us to. >>> i'm s.e. cupp and trying to talk krystal to go to the bar with me. she's 5 months pregnant but i'm very convincing. >>> taylor hackford talks to krystal and taking the turn in "the cycle." grab the popcorn. >>> vice president biden let a roundtable discussion on the administration's efforts to curb gun violence joined by janet napolitano, kathleen sebelius and jim cole. the vice president had these emotional words. >> what happened up in newtown, beautiful little babies, 6 and 7 years old, riddled, riddled with bullet holes. 20 of them dead. i've met with most of their parents. it is a national tragedy, and a window in to the vulnerability people feel about their safety and the safety of their children. and the president said, even if our actions would only save the life of one of those children, it's worth it. >> while the vice president remains optimistic about administration's plans, it is
Jan 25, 2013 3:00pm EST
in the congress. >> i think it mainly comes from miss reading mystery. people looked at the 1994 midterm elections and saw that republicans wiped out in the south and i think in reality we can say that it was just the association with the liberal democratic president. i think the people look at the 2000 election and blame mr. gore's loss on gun control. i don't think that's fair in retrospect either especially since other candidates like bill nelson were winning in the south while supporting gun control. >> you make the point there's those that you say should be more concerned about being seen as too pro gun control but overall the national democratic party has bent and emphasized and until the last few weeks and a broader lesson there that, hey, you tried far decade not being the gun control party and treated as the gun control party anyway so why not be the gun control party? >> i don't think that the democrats, you know, got anything out of caving on gun control. you know, obama, kerry did worse than gore in tennessee and backing down on gun control supposed to help democrats in. i think there'
Jan 24, 2013 12:00pm PST
affair particularly or the love fest from republican elected officials. >> i want to talk a little bit more about the hearing yesterday. i also thought what she comported herself incredibly well and for the most part was composed. i can't imagine having to do that for five and a half hours. it was actually pretty impressive. one of the moments that we showed earlier that fiery exchange of senator johnson and that moment where she asks, when's the difference at this point? you know, really, went over well with the supporters and many others found it pretty offensive and potentially damaging. obviously, the difference is the whole point about this and informs the foreign policy and the difference maybe why a filmmaker is currently in jail and we agreed that the moment was sort of like a rorschach test. if you like her, that's a great victory. maybe if you don't you saw that as pretty damaging. what are you hearing on the hill from democrats and republicans about that particular moment and any sort of long lasting affects it might have? >> well, clearly, that was the one moment the republ
Jan 28, 2013 3:00pm EST
of the republicans in the past three presidential elections, you can see the support among latino voters declining down to 27% in 2012. is it really just a pr problem, more than social networking, more tweets or a fundamental policy problem here? >> it's interesting to me in a small group talking about the message, focused on opportunity and growth and equality of that opportunity for everybody. individuals just gravitate to that message because that's what they want. they want the ability to make the american dreams come true. sometimes our message is if we could get it through is the right message. maybe it's sometimes the messengers aren't as good. sometimes i think that we're not as persistent as we need to be in repeetding that message. i hope that what we're going to do is to pay more attention to our tone, to how we say, how we talk and we change grand old party to the great opportunity party, the government of the people party. the growth and opportunity party and put the emphasis on the positive thing that is we as a party have always believed and stood for. >> you know, congressman, i gu
Jan 23, 2013 12:00pm PST
the opportunity to join him for a dinner with a number of newly elected libyan parliament aryans. they were optimistic with creating the economy and restoring human rights for the people. he was as enthusiastic as they were about the prospects. no question he will be missed by all who knew him and worked with him. one of the things that troubles me is the hoops we on this committee had to jump through to get to the facts surrounding the deaths of these public servants. the state department has delayed and delayed coming forth with information. the committee was presented with the data, it amounted to what was called a document dump. hundreds of pages of paper in wide disarray in no order in terms of relevance and chronology in duplicate and different binders, making it difficult to locate documents of any help. our public servants in libya were murdered on september 11. it's now january 23rd. more than four months later. it's unacceptable that the state department made it so difficult for congress to exercise the oversight and responsibility. a couple of questions. within a couple of months
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)